If you’re tired of having to take separate trips to the pharmacy for all your medication needs, using an on-site pharmacy might be the best thing for you. Find out all the benefits it has to offer here.

Most of us have taken a trip to our local pharmacy at some point, maybe to pick up some over-the-counter medications for pain relief or to fill a prescription for an infection. Whatever the case may be, it takes an extra trip and extra time to get the medicine and care you need.

At Prairie Garden Medical located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Joel Tupper, MD, and Daniel Jones, MD, and the rest of our team offer an on-site pharmacy so you can have a one-stop shop for both primary care along with whatever prescription medications you may need. In this blog, we review three of the benefits that using our on-site pharmacy has to offer.

1. Convenience
If you’re tired of having to take multiple trips to the pharmacy to refill medications or to have one filled for an acute illness, then our on-site pharmacy is for you. When you come and see our primary care team for any type of illness, we can fill a prescription for you on the spot, and you can simply grab your prescription before you head home.

If you have prescriptions that you need filled on a monthly basis, we can set up automatic refills for you so you no longer have to worry about having to call in your prescriptions. This also ensures that you’re receiving all the benefits of your medications without having to worry about missing a dose.

We also offer online refills and prescription delivery, so you don’t have to worry about making a phone call or even leaving your house.

2. Personalized care
By visiting the pharmacy that’s attached to our primary care team, you can be sure that our pharmacists know you. This ensures that there’s no interactions between medications that you’re taking and that you’re going to be prescribed the exact right dosage for all your health needs.

Our pharmacists are also able to directly communicate with all the providers at our practice in order to make sure that all questions about your prescriptions are answered promptly and correctly.

3. Immunizations are included
Not only do we offer services for prescription medications, but we also offer immunizations at our on-site pharmacy. This includes vaccines such as the flu, pneumonia, shingles, hepatitis A and B, and tetanus. We offer these to help you prevent illnesses and to keep you healthy all year long.

If you’re interested in transferring to our on-site pharmacy, contact us today for more information. Simply contact us or click on our convenient online booking tool.