Birmingham Hip Resurfacing services offered in Oklahoma City, OK

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing system is a revolutionary hip replacement alternative that preserves more of your natural joint.

At Prairie Garden Medical in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, experienced orthopedic surgeon Joel Tupper, MD, offers Birmingham Hip Resurfacing to younger patients who struggle with debilitating hip arthritis.

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Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Q&A

What is Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is an alternative to hip replacement surgery. A traditional hip replacement involves removing the head of the femur (thigh bone) and inserting a stemmed implant into the bone.

Instead of removing a large part of the hip joint, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing removes only a few centimeters of bone from the femoral head. Then, a large prosthetic cap fits onto the femoral head.

With both traditional hip replacement and Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, you get a new prosthetic surface for your acetabulum (the hip socket).

What are the advantages of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing offers advantages including:

  • Preserving as much bone as possible
  • Maximizing joint stability
  • Minimizing risk of dislocation
  • Reducing risk of leg length discrepancy after surgery
  • Maximizing range of motion after surgery
  • No hip implant lasts forever, but studies show that the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing approach offers excellent longevity at the 10-year mark, on par with (or better than) a standard hip replacement in men under 65.

In addition, this bone-sparing technique can be important for the future. If you have a traditional hip replacement and eventually need revision surgery, you’ll require a much longer (and more invasive) implant.

However, with Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, you’d only need a standard hip replacement if you require revision surgery in the future.

Am I a good candidate for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

The Prairie Garden Medical team performs a comprehensive exam, reviews your symptoms and medical history, and studies radiology images in great depth to determine whether Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is right for you.

In general, this procedure is best suited for healthy younger people (generally under age 65) who have chronic hip pain caused by:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Hip dysplasia

You need healthy bones with good bone density to have this procedure. For the most part, active men are the best candidates for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. In women, factors like bearing children and menopause can affect bone density and lead to less desirable results.

Women who could be good candidates can have a bone density test and other radiology tests to determine whether the procedure can help them.

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