Pharmacy services offered in Oklahoma City, OK

Most patients have to leave their doctor’s office, drive to a pharmacy, drop off a prescription, and then wait around (or even return hours later) to get their medication. Prairie Garden Medical streamlines this process with their in-house pharmacy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Led by Joel Tupper, MD, and the multidisciplinary providers offer all types of primary care under one roof, and now you can get your medication in the same place. Call the office or use the online scheduling feature to make your appointment now.

Pharmacy Q&A

What is a pharmacy?
A pharmacy is a facility where you can purchase medications. Pharmacists prepare and dispense prescription medications according to the directions of medical physicians.

What are the advantages of an on-site pharmacy?
At Prairie Garden Medical, the on-site pharmacy is part of the all-encompassing primary care you receive in the office. The on-site pharmacy offers several advantages, including:

It’s very common to need a prescription of some type when you seek medical care, whether it’s a drug to manage a chronic disease or a medication to manage symptoms of an acute illness. Typically, this would mean going to an external pharmacy.

The more convenient your care is, the easier it is to get healthy — and the practice is here to make that easy. Instead of driving to a pharmacy, standing in line, and waiting to fill the prescription, you can go straight to the on-site pharmacy to get your medication and go home.

Coordination of care
Another major advantage of an on-site pharmacy is the in-house communication. All of the medical care providers communicate regarding your medical needs, so your pharmacist gets the information they need to fill and dispense your prescription right away.

If your pharmacist has any questions about your medication, they can instantly communicate with the on-site medical providers to get answers and provide your medication.


Personalized care
Prairie Garden Medical offers exemplary personalized care in every aspect of their practice. This is particularly important in the pharmacy.

Your pharmacist knows exactly what medications you’re taking, how they could interact, and what kind of side effects might happen. The pharmacy staff is always happy to spend time with you, explaining your medication and how it works.

The online pharmacy is a benefit you get as a patient at Prairie Garden Medical, so you need not worry about where to get your medication any longer.


Should I call the pharmacy with medication questions?
The on-site pharmacy welcomes calls if you have an issue with your medication, such as:

Needing a refill
Forgetting the dosage directions
Accidentally taking too much or too little medication
Having a question about side effects or interactions
Prairie Garden Medical treats your family like their own, and the pharmacy makes it convenient to get the outstanding care you deserve. To get in touch with the pharmacy, call the practice or reach out through the online appointment scheduler now.