FAA Basic Med Examination services offered in Oklahoma City, OK

If you are a general aviation pilot in need of basic FAA medical clearance, Dr. Tupper is certified to perform an assessment and clear general aviation physicals.

At Prairie Garden Medical in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, experienced doctor Joel Tupper, MD, offers FAA BasicMed examinations.

The Basic Med exam is a way to skip the more complicated FAA medical certificate while still verifying that you’re able to fly safely. You can read more about Basic Med on the FAA Website.

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FAA Basic Med Examination Q&A

What is a FAA BasicMed examination?

An FAA BasicMed examination is a medical evaluation that determines whether you can safely operate a small aircraft.

Pilots of commercial aircraft and large planes need a current FAA medical certificate, which requires an in-depth exam. An FAA BasicMed examination is a simpler alternative to renewing an FAA medical certificate for certain pilots.

Who qualifies to fly using FAA BasicMed?

BasicMed is for pilots who:

  • Have a United States driver’s license
  • Have possessed an FAA medical certificate at some point after July 14, 2006
  • Fly an aircraft authorized to carry six or less occupants (you and five passengers)
  • Fly an aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 6,000 pounds
  • Operates under visual (VFR) or instrument (IFR) flight rules
  • Fly at less than 18,000 feet and 250 knots maximum
  • Don’t fly for compensation

To qualify to fly under FAA BasicMed, you also need to pass the FAA BasicMed exam at Prairie Garden Medical. Fortunately, the exam is straightforward.

How does the FAA BasicMed exam work?

Before your FAA BasicMed exam, you’ll download and print a Comprehensive Medical Exam Checklist from the FAA.

You fill out the airman section, which includes a checklist regarding your medical history and doctor visits within the last three years. You also need to complete a list of all medications that you take regularly or occasionally.

The Prairie Garden Medical team completes the next section of your exam. They carefully review each aspect of your medical history, overall health, and medication use. You may need some tests based on your health situation.

If you have certain conditions — namely mental health, neurological, or cardiovascular conditions — that could interfere with your ability to pilot an aircraft, your provider carefully reviews that condition and how you’re managing it.

Some conditions may typically disqualify you from flying, but if your condition is well-managed, you could qualify for a special issuance medical certificate from the FAA aviation medical examiner (AME).

How often do I need FAA BasicMed exams?

After qualifying to fly under BasicMed, you need to renew your status every four years. Before the visit, you complete a checklist from the FAA. Then, Prairie Garden Medical reviews that checklist with you and performs a physical exam.

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