Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

Oklahoma City

At Prairie Garden Medical in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Joel Tupper, MD, Daniel Jones, MD, and the team perform hand surgery, along with upper extremity surgery, using the most advanced tools and techniques.

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Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Q&A

What is hand surgery?

Hand surgery encompasses various procedures that treat problems involving the hand or fingers.

Problems that affect your hands or fingers may interfere with your ability to manage your day-to-day activities. When conservative care fails to improve your hand problem, the Prairie Garden Medical team may recommend hand surgery.

What are the types of hand surgery?

The orthopedic surgeons at Prairie Garden Medical may perform many procedures to fix a hand problem. Common types of hand surgeries include:

Tendon repair

Tendons connect muscle to bone. The tendons in your hand help move your fingers. You may need a tendon repair following a tendon injury or rupture affecting hand or finger function.

Nerve repair

You may need nerve repair following a hand injury to restore function and feeling. Though some nerves regenerate on their own, others may require surgical intervention.

Closed reduction and fixation

Hand fractures are a common injury. If you have a complex fracture, the team at Prairie Garden Medical may perform a closed reduction and fixation procedure. During this hand surgery, your surgeon uses screws, pins, or plates to hold the bones together for healing.

Joint replacement

If you have severe arthritis in your hand, the team at Prairie Garden Medical may talk to you about joint replacement procedures.

What are some types of upper extremity surgery?

The Prairie Garden Medical team also includes experts in upper extremity surgery. Examples of upper extremity surgeries include:

  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Surgery for wrist, elbow, or arm fracture
  • Ulnar nerve release surgery
  • Joint fusion
  • Joint replacement
  • The type of upper extremity surgery you need depends on your diagnosis.

What can I expect during recovery from hand surgery?

The Prairie Garden Medical team reviews the details of your hand surgery during your pre-surgical visit so you know what to expect. Recovery from hand surgery, or upper extremity surgery, depends on the type of surgery performed.

For a simple procedure, the team may allow you to return to work within a couple of weeks. However, after a complex procedure, you may need to take several weeks off for proper healing.

The team sends you to physical therapy to support the healing process.

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