Physical therapy and the road to recovery may seem long and difficult, but aquatic therapy can offer many things that typical physical therapy can’t. Find out the benefits of aquatic therapy here.

Aquatic therapy, also called pool therapy, is an exercise program or form of physical therapy that’s performed in the water. This type of therapy can assist with rehabilitation and recovery from injuries or surgeries, and the end goal is for you to have relaxed muscles, reduced pain, and improved range of motion.

Joel S. Tupper, MD, and Daniel Jones, MD, and the rest of our team at Prairie Garden Medical want you to understand all the benefits that can be had from choosing aquatic therapy as part of your physical therapy regime. We list four of those benefits here.

1. It’s easy on your joints

A big benefit that aquatic therapy has to offer is the buoyancy of the water. While you’re submerged in the water, the water can hold you up which decreases the amount of strain put on your joints. Because of this, it makes it much easier to perform physical therapy exercises that may otherwise be difficult for you to do.

2. It reduces pain

The warm water provided in aquatic therapy can relieve a lot of pain that you might be experiencing. This is because the warmth of the water can relax muscles that are tight or prone to spasms. In addition, your blood flow to injured areas is increased, which also helps reduce pain.

3. It’s a good source of resistance

Something that aquatic therapy offers that physical therapy on land can’t is resistance without the use of weights. The natural viscosity of the water provides that resistance in order to strengthen your muscle groups in different ways. These physical therapy exercises might feel much easier to do than it does when you’re out of the water.

4. It’s an enjoyable experience

You might find that other physical therapy exercises are difficult to do and aren’t that enjoyable, maybe even feeling mundane. Aquatic therapy can provide a different and engaging environment that can switch up your regular physical therapy routine. This, in turn, can make it a little more fun for you.

The bottom line
Aquatic therapy can be beneficial for anyone who has recently suffered an injury or has undergone a surgery and needs physical therapy.

If you’re interested in adding aquatic therapy into your physical therapy routine, contact our team at Prairie Garden Medical located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to get more information. You can do this by contacting us or by using our online scheduler today.