About Dr. Jones

Orthopedic Surgeon in Oklahoma City, OK

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Daniel Jones, MD, is a skilled, practiced, and board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon at Prairie Garden Medical. Dr. Jones provides high-quality personalized care to the residents of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is proud to work at a multi-specialty practice where each patient is treated like family.

Dr. Jones was born in Portland, Oregon. He moved to Seattle, Washington, to pursue his education and career in medicine and obtained his MD from the University of Washington (UW). During this time, he also completed an internship at UW. Shortly after, Dr. Jones fulfilled his Orthopedic Surgery, also at UW.

He went on to achieve a Fellowship in Sports Medicine at Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center in Minnesota (Twin Cities).

Dr. Jones currently works at Prairie Garden Medical. 

Dr. Jones’ hospital affiliations include Integris Baptist Medical Center and Oklahoma Center for Orthopedic & Multi-Specialty Surgery (OCOMS), both based in Oklahoma City.

He welcomes all patients into Prairie Garden Medical and looks forward to providing for all their orthopedic and sports medicine health needs.